Video Production

A Geologic History of The Flatirons – Dir. Ben Berman (2022)

I worked with a team of five to create an interactive, elementary-level media project, the Denver Interactive Timeline. To augment the immersive, web-based timeline, I wrote, produced and edited three videos oriented towards younger learners curious about aspects of local Front Range history.

I animated motion graphics, provided voice-over and color corrected dozens of archival photographs to create short, engaging products that matched the overall intent and visual aesthetic of the Denver Interactive Timeline project. I was careful to implement language, typefaces and other assets best suited towards a target demographic to meet their learning goals. We are currently awaiting faculty feedback for potential implementation into the curriculum of local elementary schools.

OUTERLANDS: San Francisco’s Sunset District – Dir. Ben Berman (2021)

This was a longer documentary piece made to capture the culture of the Sunset District, a historic neighborhood in San Francisco, CA, and whether or not some of its residents viewed the Bay Area’s technological urbanization and increasing rent prices as a threat to their beachside neighborhood. I shot, edited, color graded and conducted interviews for this piece.

Pokémon X and Y Retrospective: A Forgotten Chapter of the Franchise – Dir. Ben Berman (2021)

For the entirety of my college career, I have been the sole host, editor, producer, animator and writer behind Tam Valley Productions, a YouTube channel that began as a hobbyist pursuit and quickly morphed into a pop culture analysis and education channel that dives into thoughtful questions behind a multitude of video game and film franchises, most notably Pokémon. As of the channel’s three-year anniversary (Dec. 2022), it has amassed a viewership of over 14,200 subscribers and a collective viewership of 1.5 million and growing. I have successfully overseen operations of the channel’s ongoing pursuits, brand sponsorships, creative collaborations and more while I was a full-time student.

This is the channel’s most successful video, in which I analyze the story and gameplay elements of the Pokémon franchise’s most critical underperforming release and what may have contributed to its negative reception.

…Oh yeah, here are some other personal favorites from the channel!