Motion in Water

For this project, I ventured to Boulder Creek to photograph running water. My goal was to capture movement in an elegant but discernible way, and I found water to be a fantastic subject due to its constant and predictable motion.

However, I initially struggled due to the sunny conditions. Some great vantage points were challenging to photograph from because of direct sunlight, which forced me to use very low ISO values. Playing around with this was crucial, because using slow shutter speeds allowed me to capture motion in a unique way.

I eventually settled into a nice rhythm, where I was able to traverse the path along the creek and relying on the sound on flowing water to guide me. When I heard loud splashing noises, I knew I was sure to find great action of water tumbling over rocks if I looked closely enough.

I enjoyed this project because of how different water looks when captured with a slow shutter speed. The slower the shutter speed, the whiter and milkier the water appears due to the high volume that my lens captured flowing and piling over the same place in the creek even for 2-3 seconds. You can see the variation in what I captured in different shots, where whiter waters show more motion and clearer waters show less motion.