Lighting & Color Temperature

For this project, I set up a makeshift studio in my apartment and took portraits of my girlfriend, Ash. It was a fun process choosing the right backdrop that wasn’t too bright (I didn’t have a black sheet, but wanted to get experience shooting in a studio-like environment), as well as configuring lighting.

The lighting was the most important aspect of this assignment because I of course took a few photos with the traditional key, fill and back light, with back being the hardest to accomplish. I wanted to separate Ash from the backdrop without making it too overexposed, so finding the right back lighting for each shot was essential.

Additionally, I played around with the brightness of my key and fill lights as you can see in a few photos which are very dark intentionally to have fun with shadows on the face. I also figured out that lighting through hair can be very interesting because you can have light bounce off someone’s blonde hair in a very unique way, which I tried to make the focus of all these photos, as well as shadow work (in the temperature photos, lighting plays a big part, whereas in the outdoor shot there are virtually no shadows).