Final Video

This is an enhanced version of my midterm project, where I digitally altered many of my own images from the last few months to create surreal landscapes that combine drastically different visual elements (lush trees and deserts, people and large-scale objects, etc). The main goal was to create visually weird images, but as I worked on the project slowly, I realized these images really represented the whole idea of faulty memory and the sadness that comes with slowly losing older memories no matter your age. These images visually convey the confusion and disorganization of older memories, particularly ones about locations you’ve only been to once or twice, or maybe events you barely remember but would still like to.

So, to complement that set of images, I set out to create a short film where I reflect on the philosophy of their creation, why I believe I am slowly realizing the pain that comes with growing up and how I’m lamenting losing some background memories. I showcased this through the lens of a letter, where I am directly speaking to my memory, or my brain, and discussing why exactly I’m partially upset at it for getting rid of so many memories and making growing up so hard for me, especially when that transition is at the forefront of my mind while I leave college and move 1,000 miles away in just a few days. At the same time, while I’m trying to be serious, my brain is just shuffling mindlessly through these scenes and interrupting my dialogue subtly with sounds of waves, traffic and the forest, showing how I find it hard to confront these feelings since my brain can’t ever seem to turn off.

However, I wanted to bring a positive aspect, so I capped this video off with still images of much older memories, to contrast the highly saturated, always-moving collection of surreal images and showing the stability of my “core” memories. I discussed how these memories are unwavering and I’ve come to realize I’m grateful for my brain prioritizing these memories, even if it means distorting or outright “deleting” older ones.

Overall, my goal was to create a calm, moving video about growing up and my stance on memory loss and nostalgia.