Evidence: Litterbug

The goal for this project was to collect evidence of something human-related. I thought about doing something more philosophical and poetic, focused on the nature of humanity or society, but that seemed too abstract. Instead, I chose something very tangible: the trash we leave behind every day.

I focused my project on litter around various parks, lawns and creeks in Boulder, hoping to provide evidence that humans are naturally messy and careless when it comes to garbage in many cases. This shows through the wide variety of objects I found during my time shooting: I saw not only food wrappers, but also random pieces of plastic, cups and even bottles of items I wouldn’t think to find like shampoo.

Overall, my method followed one key idea: I would shoot it from down low, placing my lens almost in the grass to get eye-level with my subject. That’s because I wanted to shoot it from the perspective of a small bird, bug or rodent who might come across this human mess in their natural habitats. This perspective I shot in is not one we normally see, and while I did it partially to give a sense of artistic flair to the series, it’s meant to show how the small trash we leave behind without thinking can be a much larger disruption for a small creature in the wild.

Oh, and I picked up the trash I found along the way.